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Should I Repair Or Replace My Sidewalk?


A sidewalk made of asphalt has a lifespan of around 20 years, while concrete can last up to 25 or 30 years. But even before your sidewalk surfaces reach these ages, massive damage can accumulate.

Damages to sidewalks are commonly caused by bad weather, heavy traffic, or wear and tear caused by pedestrians. If a sidewalk is allowed to go too long without repair, it can pose a danger to those who use it. You may want to consider sidewalk repairs if you see:

Cracks: Over time, cracks can emerge in asphalt or concrete and grow rapidly due to substances such as water, ice, or grease.

Uneven or Raised Concrete: Nearby tree roots can cause panels to lift or slide on your sidewalk. Damage usually needs to be repaired immediately in this case, and it is very important to have a plan to move the roots or lengthen sidewalks so the issue won't continue to occur.

Pooling Water: Water alone won't damage your sidewalk, but previously damaged pavements can have puddles in the gaps, which over time causes further weakening and damage.

Repair vs. Replacing A Damaged Sidewalk

Figuring out what type of damage your sidewalk is suffering from is a good start before deciding whether to repair or replace it. Even if you haven't consulted with a sidewalk repair contractor, you should be able to tell if the damage is major.

Repairs are best for:

  • Standard wear and tear.
  • Minor chips or cracks.

Replacement is best if:

  • Slabs are completely broken.
  • Deep cracks

In many cases, it is the responsibility of the homeowner to maintain upkeep on the sidewalk next to their property. Many cities require permits and inspections before restoring sidewalks, so it's usually best to hire a professional construction company like Eden General Construction Inc to handle any sidewalk or concrete repairs and replacements you may need. We offer free consultations to residential and commercial property owners, so give our team a call today.

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