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New York City Top Notch Exterior Construction Services

Eden General Construction Inc gives your New York Cityexterior construction project the highest quality when it comes to commercial, residential, and restoration. We are a comprehensive building maintenance and renovation company with services that range from project planning to complete coordination of all aspects of your exterior or interior construction or renovation project. We'll help you get the most out of nearly any room size or shape, and we strive to always get the job done right and with a high-quality finish.

Our exterior home renovation experts are the best in the business and are constantly working to create beautiful and functional improvements to your property.

With our personalized approach, each project is managed by the owner. We pride ourselves on our core values of quality, honesty, and hard work. These values, together with collaborative judgment, comprehensive assurance, and the highest ethical standards in the industry have earned the trust and appreciation of countless customers. Let us earn your business! Contact our expert team today about the exterior construction work we offer in New York City.


Our demolition specialists in New York take care of your demolition needs. From reconstruction to total cleanup, we can make sure that your demo work is done properly, cleanly, and safely.

Brick Work

Eden General Construction Inc provides a wide range of brick installation and renovation services for your home or business exterior project. If you want to enhance your landscape or make the outside space of your property more attractive, our construction specialists can help.

Brownstone Repair

Many brownstone owners are unaware that most of the damages that happen to brownstones are caused by damage to the cement. As the mortar between the stones weakens, water seeps into the inner layers of the stone base. Extremely cold weather traps the water and it expands into small cracks in the rock, causing destruction within. Give our experts a call today and find out more about how we can repair your brownstone.


Our cement repair services are mostly structural and designed to extend the life of your cement structures. Over time, wear and tear will cause the cement to deteriorate. Our services help slow down or even reverse some of the problems that arise over time. Let us handle your sidewalk repairs in New York City or any other issues you may be having with your cemented surfaces.


Regular repairs and maintenance can keep the stucco in your home lasting for years. If you find that moisture has penetrated the walls, damaged the plaster, and caused cracking and deterioration, please contact our team.

Doors & Windows

New windows and doors can significantly change the appearance of your home and we place great importance on the quality of all our outdoor window and door installations. Whether it's for your residential or commercial property, our skilled craftsmen will ensure you have windows and doors that stand out.

Fire Escapes

Eden General Construction Inc can provide safe fire escape services for your home or business in NYC. We can install a new fire escape or repair your existing one at your New York City location.


Waterproofing will protect your home from bad weather and possible water damage. We offer a wide range of waterproofing services for basements and other parts of the home to ensure your investment is safe from flooding, heavy rain, and other types of inclement weather.


Masonry is an extremely durable form of construction, and our work is built to stand the test of time in NYC's harsh winters. If your New York City commercial or residential structure needs restoration, our masonry experts will restore your building to its original condition and appearance.

Brick Grinding & Pointing

Eden General Construction Inc specializes in all types of masonry restoration, including brick grinding and pointing. From residential homes to commercial high-rise buildings we can handle all of your brick grinding and pointing needs.

Repointing & Graniting

If your building is old and the foundation or walls are weak or show signs of leaks, water stains, broken stone surfaces, or worn mortar joints, give us a call so we can discuss how our repointing and graniting services can be of help.


Faulty steps that lead to your residence or business can be extremely dangerous. Our New York City construction specialists can handle and repair the steps of your building or install new ones.


For siding repairs and installation, reach out to our expert construction and renovation team. We service many areas in New York and provide siding service to external residential and commercial properties.

Parapet Walls

Parapet walls are common in New York due to many buildings having flat roofs and many stories. If you need replacing or repairing of your parapet wall, give our construction team a call.


Scaffolding, also called staging, is a temporary structure used to support work teams and materials during construction. If your property is undergoing maintenance or a re-build, Eden General Construction Inc can provide the quality scaffolding services you need.

Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning is a viable option when it comes to cleaning masonry and brickwork. If you'd like to find out more about how steam cleaning can restore the aesthetics of your exterior property, give us a call today.


Eden General Construction Inc handles all types of construction projects for your industrial buildings and residential properties. We are professional general contractors experienced in the building and redesign of various structures.

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