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Roof replacement

When deciding whether it is time to repair or replace your roof, it is important you have a certified professional you can trust that will help you explore your options. Eden Roofing & General Contractors has served the New York area since 2002. We always offer free estimates and a thorough consultation so that together we can determine if a roof replacement is a viable option for your business or home. We operate with the highest ethical standards and will always give you an honest and realistic estimate for our work. With Eden Roofing & General Contractors you should only expect the highest quality materials and installation procedures.

We have built our reputation on service excellence, so when it's time to evaluate your roofing, we are New York's roof replacement professionals you can count on. One of the things to consider when evaluating roofing repair or replacement is future costs. When only part of your roof has a problem, but the roofing crew is there with all the equipment, scaffolding in place and permits, would it be feasible to go ahead and have the entire roof done now, rather than have all this set back up again in the future? The best way to decide is to look at the average lifespan of your roof, serviceable years left, frequency of malfunctions and current condition. Whenever a major repair is necessary, since estimates are free it is never a bad idea to price out the cost of a roof replacement as well.

Advantages of Roof Replacement

Should you decide to take the plunge into new roof territory, rest assured there are some market advantages. First is peace of mind. With a new roof you won't have to worry about leaks, blowoffs or other repair necessities for some time. Then you have energy efficiency. When your roof begins to have visible problems, one of the other issues you may be suffering that is unseen is loss of energy. With a new roof, energy efficiency is restored and that makes a noticeable difference in your energy costs. Lastly, and arguably the most important advantage, is increased comfort. Whether for your home or business, roof disrepair causes inconvenience and discomfort. A new roof from Eden Roofing & General Contractors will alleviate all that.

Our New York Roof Replacement Professionals Offer the Following Services

  • Roof Consultation & Estimate
  • Roof Replacement
  • Metal Roofing
  • Shingle Replacement

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