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Sidewalk repair

A damaged sidewalk negatively affects the aesthetics of your home or business. It can also be a hazard since people may trip over it, leading to injuries and even—in extreme cases—death. For this reason, you should always ensure that it is in good condition.

You should also keep in mind that sidewalks are susceptible to many factors that will most certainly lead to damages. In most cases, the underlying factor is the soil underneath the concrete slabs; if it fails to support such structures, then they begin failing. If left untended, the situation only gets worse from there.

Eden Construction Inc. understands that your sidewalk is prone to various factors when it comes to keeping individuals safe. Over the years, we have dedicated ourselves to NYC sidewalk repair, and we have served many home and business owners. The result of our work is always the same: a safe and level sidewalk that will leave your residence or business safe and looking fresh.

If your sidewalk has been looking a little bit uneven lately, or maybe some parts are raised or others sunken, then it’s time for you to consider repair—as the situation will only get worse from there. Before you seek our NYC sidewalk repair services, you should understand the different types of sidewalk problems and their causative factors.

Sidewalk Cracks

Cracks are common in sidewalks, and they come in varied shapes and sizes, which may be hazards to either life, beauty, or even both. Whichever the case, they should be immediately fixed since they tend to deteriorate to the point where the entire sidewalk has to be replaced. At Eden Construction, we know that cracks can be a sore sight, and that’s why their repair is an integral part of our NYC sidewalk repair services.

Uneven Sidewalks

An uneven sidewalk is common and can be caused by many different factors, but the more predominant among them is water. If water finds its way underneath the concrete slabs, it may freeze or melt, which in turn leads to the sinking or rising of the structure. Our experts at Eden Construction Inc will recommend a viable solution that will leave your sidewalk even for a long time.

Repairing a Cracked Sidewalk

Eden Construction Inc. uses sophisticated techniques to fix cracked sidewalks that guarantee the best results and satisfaction from you, our most esteemed client. The primary methods that we use are sealing and leveling:

  • Sealing- This is an efficient technique, since it prevents water from penetrating the concrete slab and ultimately saves you future replacement costs that may arise in case the situation gets worse. We use a step-wise procedure that guarantees numerous benefits, such as improvement in the general outlook of your sidewalk safety and lifespan. First, we begin by thoroughly pressure washing the surface to remove any contaminants that may compromise the effectiveness of the sealant. Next, we apply the specially selected sealant, which is long-lasting and prevents water from findings its way underneath the sidewalk. By the end of the process, the likelihood of dangers, such as freezing, is significantly reduced.
  • Leveling- We mostly use this procedure in instances where a crack is making a specific part of your sidewalk uneven. In such situations, the part that is non-level is pumped and brought to be even with the entire sidewalk. The result is a sidewalk that is more aesthetically pleasing and safer.

Repairing Uneven Sidewalks

As mentioned earlier, uneven sidewalks arise from either one out of two reasons; a part is either raised or sunken. However, the most common scenario is when the portions of the sidewalk appear raised. In such situations, we highly recommend that you get the sidewalk repaired to prevent a costly replacement. It may be roots or other objects that are pushing against the sidewalk, causing it to rise. Whatever the case, our expert professionals are always on standby to tend to your structure.

In other instances, some parts of the sidewalk may be rising, and subsequent parts are sinking. Our experience in the field has equipped us with the technical skills to know the strategic place to drill and fill your sidewalk to make it level—saving you time and money in the future by avoiding a replacement.

Eden Construction, your NYC Sidewalk Repair Partner

If you are ever in need of NYC sidewalk repair services, do not hesitate to contact Eden Construction Inc. Our professionals understand the right mix of materials to be used when repairing sidewalks, and the integrity of the concrete is guaranteed throughout the entire process. Our technique is well refined and has benefited numerous clients spread-out all-over New York. What’s more, our services are pocket-friendly and tailored to your needs. For instance, the cost of the entire process will be significantly influenced by the proximity of the sidewalk to other structures. Other factors, such as the number of slabs to be leveled and the extent of the raise or sink, will also have an impact. You are free to request a quote from us before we begin the process. Call us today!

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