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Roof inspection

If you engage in homeownership in Manhattan, you know the burden of regular house maintenance, but don’t be discouraged. Eden General Construction can alleviate some of your homeowner responsibilities by performing the roof inspection you’ve been meaning to get done. Your roof should be inspected at least once a year, and more inspections may be necessary after severe weather events. Wind, rain, hail, and snow can seriously disrupt roof tiles and shingles, rapidly age your roof, create leaks, and significantly weaken your roof. Extreme weather can also utilize large trees near your home to wreak havoc on your roof. The objective of the roof inspection is to scan for problems that are causing damage now or could cause damage in the future and to estimate the roof’s remaining life span.

Potential Roof Problems

During your roof inspection with Eden General Construction, our inspector may find several common problems. These problems include loose or missing roofing material, sagging between rafters or near ridges, improper ventilation, and shingle granules in rain gutters. Other problems involve pools of standing water, leaks, bubbles indicating trapped moisture, and gaps in the roof flashing. When these problems occur, your roof and home are vulnerable to mold and mildew, pests, decreased property value, and even collapse.

What to Expect from Your Inspection

When you schedule a roof inspection with one of Eden General Construction’s certified technicians, the technician will check all of your roof’s many components. Among the many tasks on the roof inspection checklist, the inspector will check for debris on the roof, physical damage, deformations, granular loss, membrane punctures, cracks, blisters, ponding, corrosion, water staining, ceiling cracks, and leaks. The inspector will also check gutters, skylights, and chimneys.

Benefits of a Roof Inspection

Investing in your home by scheduling a roof inspection will provide you numerous benefits. Your inspector will uncover previously undetected problems, helping you to avoid costly roof repairs. An inspection will make insurance claims easier and allow you to sit back and watch while gaining peace of mind.

Why Not Now?

Don’t you think you’ve probably put your roof inspection off long enough? It’s easy enough to spot some ponding or cracks on your roof, but only a trained eye can examine its structural integrity and offer you expert advice. Contact Eden General Construction, and schedule your new purchase, seasonal, or maintenance inspection now so that you can move on to your other Manhattan home repairs.

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If you are looking for a New York City roof inspection then please call 212-369-6666 or complete our online request form.

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