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Types of Issues That Cause Concrete To Need Repair

Concrete repair

If you see cracks in a concrete wall or foundation, or you need sidewalk repairs, it's easy to assume it's indicative of poor work quality. However, this is usually not the case. Most cracks in concrete are only part of its natural life cycle. While this doesn't mean you can ignore the need for improvement, it does mean the overall health of the concrete is good. Below are various types of cracks that naturally happen to concrete and usually require repair.

Drying Cracks Prematurely

Concrete that dries too quickly can cause cracking. Fine cracks that resemble cobwebs typically occur due to premature drying. This issue is usually not serious except in terms of aesthetics—however, it can reduce the curb appeal of your home or business.


Concrete is a very strong building material, but it has its limits. When bearing too much weight, cracks can form, compromising the integrity of the structure. The excess load can also affect the ground beneath the concrete slab, causing it to sink and shift which will also create cracks.

Rising and Falling Concrete

These cracks appear when the ground freezes and, as a result of expansion, causes the surface to rise a few inches and then sinks after thawing. This causes the concrete slab to move a lot since concrete is inflexible, which can cause cracking. The best way to prevent this from happening is to make sure the slabs can move freely. Additionally, tree roots can cause these types of cracks due to lifting.

Sinking Concrete

This can occur naturally or because of fallen trees or occurrences like trenches being dug. Customarily, sinking is not what causes stress on the concrete. Depending on the severity of the sinking, the entire concrete foundation may need to be replaced.

Expanding Concrete

Expansion cracks in concrete occur when the material reacts to heat. As the concrete slabs heat up, they enlarge. The concrete is then subject to expansion and pressed against other elements. If the elements are not flexible, the force causes cracks in the concrete that need repair.

Concrete Crack Repair Professionals In NYC

Regardless of whether the crack is a functional problem or just an aesthetic issue, it's only natural to want to fix it. Fortunately, all these types of cracks in concrete can be repaired. In some cases, they are fast and cheap. In other cases, the foundation may require major repairs. However, renovation work is still possible, and your home or business can be restored.

The key to the right improvement is working with the right team. Here at Eden General Construction Inc, we have extensive experience in cement repair, as well as repairing all types of cracks in concrete—including those that are deep and involve a thorough restoration of the foundation. If you're in New York City and need to repair cracked concrete, we're here to help. Contact us for a free quote.

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